Lavinia Cretu was born on 12th of May 1983 in Sibiu.
She is a graduate of the University of Visual Arts and Design, Department of graphics, in 2005 benefiting from Socrates-Erasmus Scholarship at the University of Arts and Design in Athens. In 2009 she was awarded with Master’s degree at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. Drawing is the main medium of expression for the artist, but she relies on other mediums as well: graphic art, collage, assemblage, computer art, installation and urban art. She is a founding member of two artistic groups: ‘Piedică-n talpă’ in 2010 and ‘Nos|tru’ in 2016.
Lives and works in Sibiu.
Selected exhibitions
2006 „Conjuncturi şi permanenţe/Conjunctures and permanences”, Fedes Hall, Irecson Institute, Bucharest (solo)
2007 “The art of culture”, Sibiu – the cultural european capital (group)
2009 “Formă şi dialog/Form and dialogue”, Raku25 Gallery (The Comparative Art Museum), Sângeorz Băi (group)
2009 “Familia cuboid/ Cuboid family”, Căminul artei Gallery, Bucharest (group)
2010 “Destination moon”, (Piedică-n talpă event) Council Tower, Sibiu (group)
2010 “LipSüs”, Raku 25 Gallery, The Comparative Art Museum, Sângeorz-Băi (group)
2013 „L art de Roumanie”, Irina Irimescu Studio. Sisteron, France (group)
2016 „Group exhibition”, (Nostru event) Casandra Vidrighin Studio, Sibiu (group)
2016 „Spaţiu în tranziţie/Space in transition”, (Nostru event) 25 hours of non stop teathre festival, Weltkultur, Sibiu (group)
2016 “Roşia şi busuiocul/Tomato and basil”, (Nostru event), Evangelical Church΄s garden, Guşteriţa, Sibiu (group)
2016 “Cosmic scenary”, group exhibition, Atelier 030202, Bucharest (group)
2016 “Brâncuşi e al Nostru, ( Nostru event) White night of art galleries, City hall, Sibiu (group)
2016 “Escape”, (Nostru event), Young festival, Studio room, Gong Theatre, Sibiu (group)
2016 „Resolution for / about a cultural capital”, (Nostru event) Calina Gallery, Timişoara (group)
2017 “Nostru is back”, Tutungerie, Sibiu
2017 „Garden party?”, (Nostru event) Evagelical Church s garden, Gusterita, Sibiu (group)
2017 “Ce gândesc guvernanţii?/What the governants are thinking at?”, Marochinărie, Sibiu (group)
2017 “În linii mari”, Art Encounters, Balamuc studio, Timişoara (group)
2017 “Aceasta este realitate.Aceasta este fantezie/This is reality. This is fantasy”, White night of art galleries, Fereastra, Sibiu
2018 “Ego notes. Revision”, White night of art galleries, Urbana hub, Sibiu (group)

Residencies/Symposiums/Art Festivals/Art fairs
2007 “The art of culture”, International symposium of contemporary art, Rusciori, Romania
2008 „Balchik”, Art camp, Balchik, Bulgaria
2010 „Kulturkarawane”, Regionale 10, Festival of contemporary art, Austria
2011 „Ars et sequentia”, Culture festival, Mönchenholzhausen. Germany
2011 “European music and art festival”, Mazieres de Touraine, France
2015 “International Street Art Festival Sibiu”, Romania
2016 “Art Safari Bucharest”, Romania
2017 “Art Safari Bucharest”, Romania